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How Udemy Works

I notice that people post comments to this group, usually after their course is live, that they do not wish for their course to sell for $40 or $20 and so they’ve opted out of Udemy promotion. They seem to be hoping for $195 sales all day long driven by Udemy. So it’s my duty to break the bad news …

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SEO Tips for Udemy Instructors #3: Choose the Right Title

Once you’ve optimized your keywords (tip #2), the number of reviews (and average review score) is by far the biggest factor for search results ranking on Udemy. But that’s a hard problem for us. Reviews are out of our control. Beyond the obvious rule-breaking stuff, there’s no way an instructor can get more reviews. Well, let your competitor think that. …

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How to Stand Out in a Crowded Market

I probably don’t do a great job of covering this in the course. I’m making a mental note to myself to cover this properly when I redo this course. One thing that is absolutely critical for SEO and marketing is figuring out how to stand out from the competition. When a student is looking over a search result page, they …

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SEO Tips for Udemy Instructors #2: Choose the Right Title

Another short and sweet tip. SEO tip #2 for new Udemy instructors: make sure your course title uses unique words that potential students use to search for courses (keywords). Naming your course without using common terms people search for will ensure that your course will never be found in search. Like, “10 tips for a good nights’ rest” would not …

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I Can’t Tell What Your Course Is About

It happens from time to time in the Studio or Lounge. “Guys, what is the best topic to create a course about?” Several people throw their opinions in the comments about how popular iOS development is, and some say all the good topics are taken. And others just say “teach what you’re best at.” There are PLENTY of good topics …

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SEO Tips for Udemy Instructors #1: Get Reviews

Short and sweet this time. SEO tip #1 for new Udemy instructors: you must must must get at least one review quickly. There’s no point having a course on Udemy for months with 0 reviews. Your first objective when launching a new course should be to get one review. Your second objective is to get 5.

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Come Hear Me Talk About Udemy on Phil Ebiner’s Podcast

Recently I had the chance to talk to Phil Ebiner about my experience with Udemy, some strategies for Udemy SEO, marketing and topic selection. I am really thrilled how it came out. If you feel like hearing me talk about that, come over here and have a listen: OCM 2: Smart Online Course Creation with Scott Duffy

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The Importance of Intrigue

This post is for people who have or are considering creating courses on a marketplace like Udemy. You’ve probably heard me talk about the importance of a good title. A good title on Udemy is generally straight to the point on the topic of the course. – Digital Marketing 101 – Youtube Marketing for Beginners – Facebook Advertising Masterclass Those …

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How to Win On Udemy, Or In Any Business

Bold title, I know. But bear with me. To really win (on Udemy or in any business), run like you’re in a marathon, not a sprint. It’s been a while, but people are starting to share their income reports in the Udemy Studio again. It used to be common, then it went away. And now it seems to be back. …

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