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Dan Ariely’s Course No Longer on Coursera


One of my all time favorite courses is no longer online. Dan Ariely’s Beginner’s Guide to Irrational Behavior really shook me in terms of entertaining online educational videos, and the future of online learning. And it’s gone. I wrote about it here and here. This is somewhat disappointing as I was just telling someone about it. But isn’t it interesting …

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Advanced Excel: Top Excel Tips and Formulas, with Leila Gharani


Excel is one of those skills almost everyone who works in an office is required to have some basic knowledge of. When I worked in an office, people would pass around Excel spreadsheets all the time that contained key data for an upcoming marketing campaign, a schedule breakdown of tasks for a project, or a checklist that got filled in by various …

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New Course: Freelancer: Outsourcing Animated Video, 12+ real case studies, with Anneke Camstra


Have you ever seen those animated videos and wondered how they did it? They’re quite popular now online. They allow you to present your information in an entertaining and fun manner. In this course, Udemy instructor and animator Anneke Camstra shows us how to outsource these videos for between $5 and $50. That’s right! It doesn’t not need to cost hundreds …

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New Course : Super Star Freelancer by Mamdouh Ezz


I have been freelancing as a developer and tech leader here in Toronto for 20 years now. Now with the Internet, it’s easier than ever to hang out your shingle and announce to the world that you are looking for projects to help with. Mamdouh Ezz has a course on Udemy called “Super Star Freelancer : How to Freelance for …

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My Experience Launching a Course on Udemy


Disclaimer: I usually review other people’s courses in this space, but this post contains a link to my own course on Udemy.  Updated Jun 2, 2016 I don’t exactly remember what caused me to decide that I wanted to launch my own course. Perhaps the thought has always been there in the back of my mind, while working on reviewing …

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7 Courses in 7 Days Challenge


The universe has conspired to give me a week off work next week, and so I’ve decided to set a little challenge for myself. I will watch 7 courses over the next 7 days. And blog about them here. First up, Anthony Alicea’s course, Learn and Understand AngularJS. The courses will focus on things I really want to learn to improve …

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How Does Udemy Promote My Course?


The question comes up from time to time, How Does Udemy Promote My Course? Well, there’s the official answer that talks about the options but gives no detail on HOW to get into those options. Udemy Promotions Of course, there is more to it than that. There has to be. First you need to understand something that is very important. …

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