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Coursera + LinkedIn = Love?

Last month, Coursera announced they were partnering up with the business social network LinkedIn, to make it easier for students to share their educational accomplishments with potential future employers and work-mates. Now that feature is live.

This is how it works.

On the course records page, there is now a link to add the course to your LinkedIn profile.


Clicking the “Add to Profile” button takes you over to LinkedIn. And right into a nifty multi-step wizard to confirm the details of the accomplishment with you.

First, what to call it:


Next, confirming it’s from Coursera:


If you earned a public statement of accomplishment (the so-called verified certificate), a link to it can appear on your LinkedIn profile as well. For me, I just get the plain-ol’ free certificate for now:


I say, it does not apply. Again, with a verified certificate, you can give it an ID:


Finally, when you took the course:


This is all conveniently pre-filled in.  Finally, this is how the courses look near the bottom of your LinkedIn profile.


As you can see, LinkedIn calls them “certifications”. I guess online courses that have been passed can count as those. Through years of taking courses online, through various providers such as Coursera, EdX, Udacity and others, one can certainly imagine this section filling up with pages and pages of various training taken and passed. It’s possible to manually add “certifications” to this section using the Edit Profile function in LinkedIn.

On the one hand, its good to show that you love to learn, and you take your own initiative to learn new things. That’s a great attribute for an employee to have. There must be a fine balance though. At what point does taking and passing 60 online courses appear to be too much? Do you only talk about your favorite or only the ones that directly relate to your career? I haven’t read anything about that recently.

That must be the subject of another post. But for now, adding accomplishments to LinkedIn has never been easier, and a great idea from the Coursera and LinkedIn folks.


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