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Curious about Curious.com – Bite-Sized Learning

I’m always looking for new learning platforms, and I am wary about relying on a single course or lesson vendor to talk about on this blog.

Curious.com is part of a new breed of online education sites that allow experts in any topic (even you or me) to create and sell individual video lessons online. Similar to Udemy. But unlike Udemy, lessons start as low as $1 (and I’ve seen plenty at $2, $3, and $5 price points) whereas Udemy tends to advertise courses at $20, $100, $300 or more (with frequent discounts). So for $20 deposited, it seems like you can view a lot more variety of content on Curious.com than on Udemy.

Lessons on Curious are generally shorter, which is in line with the price points. For example, on Curious I watched a 4-minute video on how to create time-lapse photography for $1, whereas a basic 5-hour DSLR photography course on Udemy retails for $39. It’s fair to say those two products are aimed at different audiences. (I couldn’t find a “time-lapse photography” course on Udemy, as that’s perhaps a lot too specific to be a full course.)

So on Curious, you can learn 1 specific thing for $1. That’s a neat idea. Curious sells lessons, while Udemy sells courses.

Now on to the pros and cons with this platform:


  • Lower starting price point
  • Bite-sized content
  • Learn a very specific thing instead of taking a whole multi-part course
  • The free preview of each lesson covers half the lesson or more


  • No clear track to learning an entire topic in a consistent manner (i.e. What if I wanted to learn Japanese? No single instructor does a full multi-hour course in the topic)
  • Wide variety of quality between amateur teachers
  • No quizzing, certification, or other artifact after taking

That’s not to say the cons are knocks against the site. They clearly know the target of what they are trying to deliver, and they are not trying to compete against edX or Coursera to be a professional certification provider for higher education.

I took 9 lessons on the site. Some of the interesting lessons I watched were:

  • How to Extract Strawberry DNA
  • How to Count in Spanish
  • Use a Chair to Improve at Pull-ups
  • Never Lose at Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Digital Camera Memory Card Basics
  • How to Beatbox

Hate to repeat the pun, but I will. If you’re curious, check out Curious.com. (Thanks to Curious for setting me up with a account to preview some courses.)


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