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Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies, with Dr. James V Green

Lots of new courses are starting up, and those that are startup/business-minded might find this one interesting. “Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies: The First Step in Entrepreneurship“. It started up this week (and will run again in January).

I took this course at the beginning of the year, and didn’t really have time to spend on it that I wished. There is something about taking multiple courses at once (while trying to hold down a day job or full-time school) that makes some courses work better than others. And unfortunately I wasn’t able to give this course the full attention it deserved, but it’s definitely something worth setting aside some time for.

This course is ranked as “the best entrepreneurship course on Coursera” by the website CourseTalk, and I can definitely see why. It is quite complete, and looking at the syllabus shows exactly what topics it covers. (It’s probably difficult to properly do an entrepreneurship course in an academic environment because part of entrepreneurship and startup culture is just diving in head first and doing the thing you want to be doing, not necessary talking University classes on how to do that.)

There are other courses in a similar space, including Steve Blank’s “How to Build a Startup” course on Udacity, and Wharton School’s “Introduction to Marketing” also on Coursera which covers a lot of these same topics (product, markets, customers and finding the marketing message).

Since I didn’t complete the class, I won’t rate it. Hopefully sometime next year I’ll be able to take it again and give it the time it deserves.

Platform: Coursera | Price: Free | Enrollment: Unknown


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