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Five Minute Monday – How to Do Stop Motion Animation

It’s Five Minute Monday time. And today’s video is interesting for those who have a bit of a creative side and might want to try their hand at making videos. Specifically, stop motion animation videos.

We all know how it works. A standard movie runs at 24 frames per second which means that each second of video has 24 individual photographs. Playing them one after another at this speed tricks the eye into thinking that the scene is actually moving.

Stop motion animation takes it one step further, by having an inanimate object or drawing making tiny movements between the frames. Each frame is captured one at a time (instead of real-time like a normal video camera), and the effect is the same at the end. Our brain fills in the spaces between each frame, and it looks like the stick figure is moving.

In this video, we see a very simple example of how that can be done. Enjoy!


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