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Five Minute Monday – Introduction to Blackjack

Introduction to Blackjack
Click to play – Introduction to Blackjack

I am sure there is information about this all over the web, but Curious.com has a short 5-minute free video called “Introduction to Blackjack“. If you’ve heard of Blackjack, but aren’t even entirely sure of all the rules, this is the video that goes over everything step by step. It doesn’t miss a thing – from the value of the cards, to the rules of when you can hit, split or double down.

This course is led by a real Vegas dealer, and points out various rules that may or may not apply to some casinos. For instance, some casinos only draw one card after splitting Aces, while others allow you to play it like a regular hand. She also points out that if you do anything considered strange or out of the ordinary at the table (such as doubling down for less than the original bet, or doubling down on cards that add up to 12 or more, the dealer is obliged to call it out to the pit boss. It’s not that it’s not allowed, just that it’s not normally done by expert players. The instructor says that only amateurs, drunks or cheats normally do such things.

The other nice thing about this is it leads into other free videos on blackjack, on more advanced strategies. And leads into other casino games such as baccarat.


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