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Five Minute Monday – Is Evil Rational?

A little off the traditional education topics I guess, but Prager University (which is not really a University I guess in that they are not accredited and cannot grant diplomas or degrees) has posted a video to Youtube called “Is Evil Rational?” The question is, when someone does something we consider evil (from cheating on your taxes or a test, up to the most evil acts of murder, genocide, etc), are they necessarily mad or crazy? Were Stalin, or Hitler, or Mao, or Pol Pot madmen just on the basis of their evil acts, or is there a way to rationalize their acts as being in their own self-interest even though we almost universally agree they were reprehensible and even evil.

This video explores the concept that both good and bad things can be rational. And just because someone is being entirely rational, doesn’t make it right.


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