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Five Minute Monday – Is The 5-Second Rule True?

Something a bit different on today’s Five Minute Monday. It’s an interesting thought experiment – how long does it take for bacteria on the floor to transfer over to food?

People have been talking about the “5 second rule” forever, but it’s mostly a joke. We all know that food dropped on the floor does not get any less dirty within 5 seconds as it does within 10 seconds.

But in this thought-provoking  10-minute video, vsauce gets into the science of adhesion. It “touches on” surprising topics such as “touch” – when we press our fingers together, they aren’t really touching at a molecular level. It’s just that the magnetic forces push against each other at that distance. And now I’ve taken an Oatmeal quiz and discovered I have over 1.6 million germs on my cellphone.

It could gross you out a little to learn about how bacteria covers almost everything. But it’s definitely a deep look at the 5-second rule.


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