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Five Minute Monday – Who Owns the Moon?

vsauce is back again this week, with this Five Minute Monday video titled, “Who Owns the Moon?” This video starts by debunking the myth that people on Earth can claim ownership of the Moon, asteroids, or any outer space piece of land. But then the video quickly diverges into other Lunar topics, such as who was the first person to touch the moon with their bare hands or skin, who you can get a piece of the moon (and other space debris) from your backyard, and how, really, the first person to touch or inhale a piece of the moon was the first person to exist.

vsauce is turning out to be a bit of a factual poet. He jumps from one related topic to the next, dropping facts and drawing from history. It’s not the traditional one-question, one-answer format but interesting nonetheless. I might not feature too many of his videos here (after all, they are all at least 10 minutes in length, violating my 5 minute promise). But it’s an interesting new source of education that some might enjoy.


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