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Hi there.

If you are a course instructor, and want to tell me about your course, I would love to hear from you. Contact me, and I’ll be happy to have a look at your course, and provide you personally with some honest and direct feedback. For courses I like, chances are I would post a review for all to see.

All opinions on this site are 100% my own, and giving me free access to your course does not guarantee a great review or even a review.

The following are a list of resources I have found for instructors. I hope you find them useful.

I am just beginning to write posts aimed at instructors. Below, is one that highlights the top 5 mistakes I see when reviewing video courses.

Beyond the course content, you want to make sure your video quality is at the highest setting on your computer, before uploading to Youtube, Udemy, Skillshare or other site. Below is a tip for ensuring the export is at 720p or better.

When exporting the source video for your course (using Camtasia or other software), always choose the highest video quality settings. What is the point of having HD Video (720p) when there are significant compression artifacts in the video, and text is unreadable.

Camtasia Export Settings
Camtasia Export Settings

Here is a good article on audio recording in a home studio. How to get rid of echo and background noise through some easy to implement techniques.

I recently came across this free Wisita course on Udemy that really shows how video recording can be done. Inspiring and useful.

Here are some courses that I offer for new instructors wanting to learn Udemy SEO, course marketing, or topic selection:


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