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How to Run an Effective, Successful Meeting, with Carol Harvey

Who here loves meetings?

There was a point in time about 2 years ago where I had 6 to 7 hours of meetings per day at work. That lasted for a few weeks until one of the three projects I was on ended. Personally, that was not a particularly productive period of time, because when you spend literally all day in meetings talking about things, you are spending very little time actually doing things. Or very little time thinking about things that need talking about.

But I can surely appreciate a well-run meeting. When the meeting organizer comes in with a purpose in mind, an agenda, and focuses discussion on the task at hand. Where the meeting organizer is respectful of people’s time, and asks the same of all participants. They don’t invite people to a meeting that don’t need to be there “just in case”.

Carol Harvey has a course on how to run a successful meeting. I have to say, I wish it was required training by anyone who books others into meetings on a regular basis. She talks about agendas (yay!), meeting goals, and managing discussion.

Carol was nice enough to give CourseMania readers a coupon, so you can pick up her course for an amazing price. This should be required viewing for everyone in your organization.


Thanks Carol!


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