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How to Stand Out in a Crowded Market

I probably don’t do a great job of covering this in the course. I’m making a mental note to myself to cover this properly when I redo this course.

One thing that is absolutely critical for SEO and marketing is figuring out how to stand out from the competition.

When a student is looking over a search result page, they need to be pulled towards your course like some powerful electromagnet.

So after reading this, do a search on your keyword, and find your course wherever it lives in the Udemy search results. Look up and down the page and compare your course to the others in your category. This is what students are doing.

  • Is your image captivating? Are your eyes drawn towards it? Is it special?
  • Besides being keyword rich, does your title sound appealing? Remember, it’s a delicate balance.
  • How DOES a student actually choose a course in your category? What factors are most important?

There are a couple of filters on the search page too that students can use.

For instance, in a search for “Excel”, 711 English results are returned.

(First of all, I recognize that girl from Pixabay. One of the few model photos in that free image site. If Grant Gamble is reading this, you have the #1 course for a search for Excel. Go to another stock photo site and pay $1 for a different image. You can afford it.)

Like I said, 711 courses for Excel.

Besides title and image, how ELSE can you stand out? There’s a thing called the Paradox of Choice that says that given TOO many choices, many people choose none because they can’t make a tough decision.

Well, I can think of a couple of other ways.

You could choose to make a course that is not “All Levels”. Making a course specifically for Beginners reduces the competition from 711 to 172. Making an expert course reduces it to only 32. So 95% of the competition goes away if the student already knows Excel and wants an expert level course in it. (Of course, you have to MAKE an expert level course because there’s no point having a course that does not satisfy what they are looking for.)


You could choose to add closed captions. Only 17 of 711 Excel courses have those. And only 212 courses have quizzes. How hard is it to add 1 or 2 quiz questions to a course? Apparently, it’s very hard for some.

If you are struggling to get sales, you need to struggle to stand out. Udemy provides a few ways to do that, and it’s an important part of SEO and Marketing that you make sure you are looking different than the competition, and better in some way.


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  1. Very useful tips for beginners like me

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