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How to Win On Udemy, Or In Any Business

Bold title, I know. But bear with me.

To really win (on Udemy or in any business), run like you’re in a marathon, not a sprint.

It’s been a while, but people are starting to share their income reports in the Udemy Studio again. It used to be common, then it went away. And now it seems to be back. That is good. Many people find that super motivating, and I can tell you from personal experience too that seeing an income report when I started (and the course of the person who posted it) gave me massive inspiration to finish my first course.

In fact, I sit here today earning more money on Udemy every month than the person who’s income report inspired me to launch a course. And let me tell you, that’s a great feeling. It’s like deciding to climb a mountain, doing the hard work required to climb it, and then having a chance to rest on top as you met your goal.

But that didn’t happen in a month, or a year. I’ve been on Udemy 2 years.

So as you see people posting that they made a few hundred or a few thousand in their first month, it’s great to congratulate them. It’s great to let them inspire you. But it’s a marathon. Trust me, you’re going to want to be here in two years giving this same advice to people who you see hoping to make money quickly.

If your goal is to make money quickly, you will most likely fail. I’ve only seen a couple of people in 2 years who came here desperate to make money as quickly as possible, and actually do well. I’ve seen 1000 people desperate to put a course up in a day, and disappear when it doesn’t go well.

When you’re focused on getting a course launched by next week, when you’re focused on selling as much as you can today and not thinking about tomorrow, you will cut corners. You will do things against the students interests in favor of your own. You will quit when it doesn’t work.

Take your time. Make a good course. It doesn’t have to be perfect. But put some effort into it. Accept Udemy’s suggestions for improvement because they actually know what they are doing. Ask around for feedback, and listen to what people say. Take your time. Watch other people’s courses. Why are their courses selling and not yours? Watch what they do.

Push yourself to get better at it. When students ask a lot of questions about something, improve your course in that area. When students leave a bad review, think about what they say and aim to improve the course in that area. Make your second course better than your first. Develop a thicker skin, because feedback and criticism is important to improvement and success.

Muscles are strengthened using resistance, and knives are sharpened using friction.

Keep your feet moving forward. Tiny steps. Small steps. But don’t stop moving forward. When change happens (and it always happens), adapt. Don’t complain. Be helpful.

Here’s my favorite Zig Ziglar quote. It’s true. It’s 100% true.


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