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How Udemy Works

I notice that people post comments to this group, usually after their course is live, that they do not wish for their course to sell for $40 or $20 and so they’ve opted out of Udemy promotion. They seem to be hoping for $195 sales all day long driven by Udemy.

So it’s my duty to break the bad news to you. That’s not how Udemy works.

If you post your course for $195 and do not let Udemy discount it, you will discover that Udemy is not a “full price sale” market. It just isn’t. If this is your plan, you will have to sell the course yourself almost entirely.

Students come to Udemy expecting a discount. In many cases, they expect a big discount.

So before starting to create a course, or while you’re giving thoughts to course creation and how you’re going to sell what you create, you should go into it with the mindset that you will sell 10,000 copies at $10 – $15 each. Then you will split this fairly evenly between you and Udemy.

$50K-$75K for you, and the same for Udemy.

If you have that mindset, you will not be disappointed to see all those $15 sales in your revenue report. You will be happy. Each sale is one more in the 10,000 you want to sell.

If your course has no chance of selling 10,000 copies because there are not that many people interested in your topic, you need to know that too and set your expectations accordingly.

The less people who would likely be interested in your course (“How to Make Homemade Toilet Paper”), then the best strategy might not be to sell on Udemy since you will need to demand a higher course price to justify the effort in creating the course. Yes, course price should be tied to topic potential popularity.

So my advice is to create a course that many tens of thousands of people will possibly want, and let Udemy sell it so that it will go for $10-$15 per student. And be happy.


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