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I Can’t Tell What Your Course Is About

It happens from time to time in the Studio or Lounge.

“Guys, what is the best topic to create a course about?”

Several people throw their opinions in the comments about how popular iOS development is, and some say all the good topics are taken. And others just say “teach what you’re best at.”

There are PLENTY of good topics that do not have good courses. I would dare say HUNDREDS. In 2017, I already know the next 3 or 4 courses I will be creating and I know they will sell. (I wish I could create courses faster, but I can’t.)

But no one will make a list for you. Not even Udemy will say “these are the top 100 topics which will sell the most if there someone would only create a course on it.”

I feel stronger than ever that the key to success is:

  1. Pick the right topic
  2. Make a course that is high-enough quality
  3. Be clear on your unique value
  4. Place it where people will find it

OK, OK. I’ll grant you that it’s not simple or easy. But there’s the secret formula, as best as I can describe it.

“Guys, sales are way down for me, but I think 2017 will be great.”

A Udemy instructor was in the Lounge today talking about how much his course sales are down. He said that he has vastly improved the quality of his courses, but is not seeing the results. When I looked at his instructor profile page, I could see the problem right away. Clear as day.

I couldn’t tell what most of his courses were about from looking at the course tile.

He wasn’t using any keywords in the course title and his course images were just random pictures of mountains. How on earth will anyone find it and if they did, what would make them click?

Like trying to sell a book who’s cover page is “This is a book” and a picture of a sunset. No wonder sales are down.

Don’t make students work hard to discover what your course is about. Hit them over the head in the image and title with your unique value.

You’re in this course marketing course, and perhaps I need to add a lecture on this. But fundamental to course marketing is, if someone who would be interested in your course topic sees your course in a Google search result, in Udemy search, or an instructor page, they should want to click to the landing page to learn more. Hiding the topic of the course doesn’t help you market.



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