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Introduction to SEO, with Evan VanDerwerker

I’ve previously reviewed the free SEO course from Moz, which not-so-much a course as it was a serious of videos on specific topics. Today, I bring to you an SEO course that is more of a complete end-to-end introduction to the world of SEO. For only $9 on the Udemy platform, Introduction to SEO by Eric VanDerwerker, is a great deal for such a high-quality course.

Eric VanDerwerker has created a good introductory SEO course. The videos are professionally done, with good video and audio quality. There’s a nice mix between showing him talking, and capturing the computer desktop to demonstrate the concepts. The videos start by explaining the history of the various search engines, and the reasons why you would want to optimize your site for them. It continues with discovering the best keywords. He shows both the Google Keyword Planner tool, and Google Analytics, to discover the keywords that people search that you should optimize for. He also briefly touches on Bing, the other major competitor to Google that also provides some useful tools.

A lot of time is spent talking about keyword discovery and analysis. The keywords we are trying to optimize on are linked to the content on the site, and we can get a good picture of what we are currently doing well and currently lacking with our content. After discovering the keywords we want to rank for, and working on our content, the course turns to the external factors such as link building. Finally, the course talks about using analytics to track the performance of the SEO activities.

I must say that I enjoyed this course. Eric clearly knows about SEO, and can deliver the information to students in a clear and succinct fashion. He stays on track, and travels at a reasonable pace. The course doesn’t seem to lag in any place, or go too fast. I would recommend this course to people who want to learn about SEO, and the price is nice too.

Check it out, using the link below. Click the image to be taken to Udemy to sign up.

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  1. Hey, Scott. Thanks for featuring me in your post! Awesome to be in such great company.

    Let me know if I can ever return the favor,
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