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Lynda.com Introduces Playlists

I’m a big fan of Lynda.com, as a place with thousands of online video courses on a broad range of topics. It has a focus on learning certain software products, such as the Adobe Creative Suite including every recent version of Photoshop. But finding good courses has always been a challenge with such a large number to choose from. Finally, Lynda.com has introduced the concept of Playlists, which is a curated lists of courses on a specific topic. So if you want to learn about logo design, there is a set of 9 courses, covering 16 hours of learning, on the topic. No longer to you need to pick through their catalog to find those – they’re all in one place. And they’re not all on logo design, but also cover vector graphics, style guides and mood boards – all tools related to graphic design.

I love this concept. Of course, picking the best courses out of the vast universe of choices is one of the key values here at Coursemania. But having each site organize these as groups of courses makes perfect sense, and makes the site even easier to use for new users.

There are hundreds of playlists to choose from. Topics include:

  • Design a Logo
  • Keep Your PMP Current
  • Create Visual Effects
  • Run Your Own Design Business
  • Design a Website Using Photoshop
  • Get Inspiration from Photographers

With so many playlists to choose from, they may need to come up with curated collections of playlists. Well, hopefully not. But still, there’s something there for anyone.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve used Lynda.com’s playlists, and if you like them.


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