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MIT Online Courses

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (known better by it’s acronym, MIT) is arguably the most prestigious technical college in the world. Certainly there is Stanford, CalTech, and others, but MIT has produced leaders in the field of research and technology since the dawn of the semiconductor age, and saying you went to MIT is still an extremely impressive achievement.

MIT was one of the pioneers in the MOOC field, with their MIT OpenCourseware (OCW) which still exists. MIT took many of their in-class lectures and posted the material online for free for anyone in the world to access. It even helped MIT students get access to class lectures that they missed or they want to view again.

When the online course phenomenon was exploding earlier this decade, MIT was slower than it’s rivals to rush into putting new course content online.  And it was perhaps in their best interests to more tightly control their strongest intellectual property asset – their instructors and course content. They didn’t want to diminish the value of paying for MIT tuition nor devalue an MIT degree. So a wait and see approach was warranted.

And they’ve gone their own way with it, with the rollout of edX. In conjunction with Harvard, they have created their own platform to deliver their course content to the world.

As of now, MIT has 26 courses available on edX, which are:

  • 15.071x: The Analytics Edge
  • 6.00.2x: Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science
  • 16.110x: Flight Vehicle Aerodynamics
  • 15.390x: Entrepreneurship 101: Who is your customer?
  • JPAL101x: Evaluating Social Programs
  • 6.SFMx: Street-Fighting Math
  • 6.00.1x: Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python
  • 12.340x: Global Warming Science
  • 14.73x: The Challenges of Global Poverty
  • 6.041x: Introduction to Probability – The Science of Uncertainty
  • 21W.789x: Building Mobile Experiences
  • 2.03x: Dynamics
  • 6.00.1x: Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python
  • 6.002x: Circuits and Electronics
  • 24.00x: Introduction to Philosophy: God, Knowledge and Consciousness
  • 16.101x: Introduction to Aerodynamics
  • 4.605x: A Global History of Architecture — Part 1
  • 3.086x: Innovation and Commercialization
  • 7.00x: Introduction to Biology – The Secret of Life
  • 8.01x: Classical Mechanics
  • 3.091x: Introduction to Solid State Chemistry
  • 8.MReVx: Mechanics ReView
  • 2.01x: Elements of Structures
  • 8.02x: Electricity and Magnetism
  • 6.00x: Introduction to Computer Science and Programming

I will give MIT credit. The courses they have chosen to put online are definitely interesting. In between the “Introduction to” courses like Biology and Computer Science, there are classes on flight vehicle aerodynamics and solid state chemistry. One can imagine being able to take a full 4-year MIT curriculum online one day. Many universities and colleges appear like they are more willing to share their first-year classes than their third-year ones.

I have not yet taken any MIT courses. But you can bet I will soon, and when I do I will post the details here.


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