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My New eBook – The Ultimate Guide to Learning a New Skill

Those of you who have already signed up for my mailing list (thank you, thank you) have also gotten a free copy of my 12-page guide to taking and passing multiple courses at once. It goes over 10 important tips to maximizing the efficiency of your time spent taking online courses, while still enabling you to retain the knowledge and pass the course.

I’m just in the midst of writing my next eBook, tentatively called The Ultimate Guide to Learning a New Skill. It outlines a useful process for you to pick up a new skill (any new skill) in an efficient manner.

If you have a personal mission to become better next year than you were last year, regardless of how you define that, you do that by becoming better at what you currently can do as well as adding new skills to your skillset. For the gamers out there, this is how you gain XP in life, and how you gain levels.

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