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New Course – Introduction to Forensic Science

As I’m exploring the Coursera course catalog, sometimes I see a course that starts very soon or recently started that looks interesting. And there are only so many New Course of the Weeks I can do in a month. So I’d like to bring to your attention an interesting new course called Introduction to Forensic Science by¬†Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Forensic Science, as you may know, is the science of crime scene investigations: blood, DNA, hair fibres, and other evidence collected at a crime scene used to possibly convict someone of a crime. The course includes all of these topics, plus how to detect if someone has been poisoned. Sounds like an interesting course!

From the course introduction page:

We have all seen forensic scientists in TV shows, but how do they really work? What is the science behind their work?

The course aims to explain the scientific principles and techniques behind the work of forensic scientists and will be illustrated with numerous case studies from Singapore and around the world.

If this interests you, the course started last week, so sign up and enjoy!


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