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New Course – Kitchen Chemistry

I don’t want to intrude on my “new course of the week” feature, that runs here every Friday. But I found a new MOOC site called FutureLearn, and they are offering an interesting assortment of courses from some top UK colleges and universities.

One that stands out, and is just starting this week, is Kitchen Chemistry from the University of East Anglia. It appears to be a chemistry class that uses things you can find in your kitchen to run your own experiments. How fun!

The Kitchen Chemistry course is designed to explore some of the principles of chemistry. You will be encouraged to carry out your own experiments using materials that are often found in the home. If not they can be obtained from most supermarkets, pharmacies or hardware stores.

I am sorely tempted to try this! This is an interesting and unique way to take the laboratory outside of the classroom and into the home. This was worth introducing a new course on a Wednesday for sure! Right?

If you take this, please let me know in the comments.


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