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New Course of the Week – Comic Books and Graphic Novels

Every few months, I notice a new online course topic that I haven’t seen before. I’ve seen courses on movies, creative writing, solar cells, and music. And so, this week brings a course in comic books and graphic novels.

From the course intro:

“Comic Books and Graphic Novels” presents a survey of the history of American comics and a review of major graphic novels circulating in the U. S. today. It is focused on three main points. First, it argues that as comics develop in concert with, and participate in literary culture, they should be considered literature. Second, it reasons that such a designation forces us to redefine our concept of literature itself. Finally, it explores this transformative literary world by arguing that comics have much to teach us about ourselves.

As you can see, the study of comic books is taken quite seriously. It’s a study of how comic books relate to larger themes going on in the culture. If you have an interest in comics, and particularly literature, this course might be for you.


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