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New Course of the Week – Competitive Strategy

Coursera has a pretty interesting “on demand” course called Competitive Strategy. There are a lot of fascinating things about this.

For one, it seems Coursera has a new user interface for on demand courses (or this course, specifically) that I have not seen before. Also, it does not require “enrollment” in the traditional sense – you just get right into the course and viewing the lessons.  Third, and perhaps most importantly, is the course itself is interesting and engaging. The professor jumps right into game theory in the first lesson, defining the players, the actions, the rules of “the game”, and defining the potential payoffs.

It’s a style that works. The video is well done, and is a good mixture of recording the professor talking, PowerPoint style presentations to display information, and letting the professor draw on a tablet device to demonstrate his points.

I’ve signed up for this, and will post a proper review in a week or two.



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