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New Course of the Week – Financial Markets with Bob Schiller

One of the greatest benefits of MOOCs and online learning in general, is the democratization of education from an elite audience to anyone in the world with Internet access and a computer. This is most pronounced when famous Nobel Prize winning professors who teach at Ivy League Universities bring their courses online. To be fair, good courses and good teachers don’t have to be famous nor working at Ivy League schools. But when you see a name you recognize, it really makes you think how lucky you are to see “what the big deal is” for yourself.

Bob Schiller was a co-recipient of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Economics, and is currently a professor at Yale University. Soon those accomplishments will be overshadowed by a new role – that of a teacher on the Coursera platform, and his online course in Financial Markets.

Interestingly, the Financial Markets course has been available on Youtube for years. They first recorded it in 2008 and posted it online, and then re-recorded it in 2011. You can see both previously recorded sessions of the course here on Youtube.

His course starts Feb 17 and is free. For those wanting to pay the $49, you can earn a verified certificate. This may be a good time to pay the money if you are planning to use taking and passing of an economics course on your resume or cv.


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