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New Course of the Week – History of Rock Part I

Continuing with our Friday feature, as we get into May there are a lot of new courses starting up. As you’ve seen, online university level courses tend to follow the traditional school schedule. This weeks’ course is an interesting one, called the History of Rock (Part I).

I suspect this is not really a course studying how Elvis Presley was able to swing his hip in exactly the right fashion, but a more academic study of how the music we know today as Rock formed. My suspicion is confirmed by reading the syllabus:

Learn about the early days of rock music, from the pre-rock years of the post World War II era through the birth of rock in the mid 1950’s to the psychedelic era of the late 1960’s.

If you are really into music history, this is right up your alley. ¬†Certainly for most people, it will get interesting into the 50’s and 60’s eras as you start to study names you’re more familiar with. Worth checking out. Seven weeks long, followed immediately by Part II of the class.



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