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New Course of the Week – Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy

As we get into April, and traditional Northern Hemisphere colleges and universities are entering the exam period and starting to think about summer holidays, there are actually a few interesting courses starting. One of them is Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy, which as you would imagine uses mathematics to aid with the study of philosophy.

Some of you may be wondering – wait a second. how do mathematical equations help in the study of philosophy? Well, the course will cover these topics each week:

  • Week 1: Infinity
  • Week 2: Truth
  • Week 3: Rational Belief
  • Week 4: If-then
  • Week 5: Confirmation
  • Week 6: Decision
  • Week 7: Voting
  • Week 8: Quantum Logic and Probability

Each of those weeks’ cover the theories and paradoxes in those areas. The course outline on Coursera says:

In recent years, more and more young philosophers have become convinced that, in order to understand these foundations, and thus to make progress in philosophy, the use of mathematical methods is of crucial importance. This is what our course will be concerned with: mathematical philosophy, that is, philosophy done with the help of mathematical methods.

If this speaks to you, the course is starting soon on Coursera.


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