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New Course of the Week – Marriage and the Movies

I have yet to encounter a film course online, but it’s a fascinating possibility as the Internet lends itself very easily to watching film clips. So when I saw that Wesleyan University is offering a course called “Marriage and the Movies” on the Coursera platform, I decided to dive a bit deeper.

The course introduction page says the following:

The topic of marriage in the movies has always provided a fascinating reflection of changing social attitudes, shifting morals and gender roles. We will explore how films have defined marriage, identified seven core problems, and varied its three narrative components — a couple, their problems, their situation — from decade to decade from the silent to the modern era.

The topics being discussed start from the earliest days of film (silent pictures), through the great wars, up til the 1980’s. It shows how the depiction of marriage has changed over the years, and will allow you to watch some interesting film clips of influential movies and directors. Of course, it ends on the classic film, War of the Roses, which is a landmark film from that time.

If the topic of movies (and marriage) interests you, you may want to check this out.


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