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New Course of the Week – Mathematical Methods for Quantitative Finance

People who practice Quantitative Finance are sometimes called “Quants”, and quants are experts at applying mathematical formulas to the world of stock picking and investing.

This course on Coursera promises to be a math-heavy preparation for the world of quantitative analysis. From the site:

Mathematical Methods for Quantitative Finance covers topics from calculus and linear algebra that are fundamental for the study of mathematical finance. Students successfully completing this course will be mathematically well prepared to study quantitative finance at the graduate level.

Now it doesn’t seem to talk a lot about stocks and stock-picking, but instead focuses on the math behind that analysis such as derivatives and complex mathematical formulas. If this interests you, you might find this course right up your alley.

Ordinarily, I would jump at a finance or investing course, but for some reason the math-heaviness of this course scares me a bit. But if you take this class and find it interesting, please let me know in the comments how easy or hard it turns out to be.


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