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New Course of the Week – Microeconomics Principles

If macroeconomics is the study of the structure and behavior of the economy as a whole, then microeconomics is the study the effects of individual decisions.

This course looks interesting, “Microeconomic Principles” being offered for free on Coursera. The professor claims, in his class introduction, that his purpose is to show that economics is not only about money. Some of the topics talked about in the introduction include:

  • Marriage and divorce – why is the divorce rate so high?
  • The environment – why do we have so much pollution?
  • The labor market – would increasing the minimum wage put people out of work?

These questions are all very interesting, and not the traditional thing you think about when you think about economics. I’ve signed up for this class, and look forward to it. Look for a review in a few weeks here on Coursemania.


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