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Online Pastry School – 1 Week Mastery, by Chef Marco Ropke

How many of us have dreamed of becoming a chef? Maybe not everyone, but wouldn’t it be nice to travel to France and take a class at the Le Cordon Bleu school in Paris? Well, almost all of us won’t get to do that. But we can take a cooking class online, through the magic of the Internet. To start, Udemy has this really well done course on mastering the art of the pastry called Online Pastry School – 1 Week Mastery (currently $139 for 10+ hours of training). That is, baking cakes, making cookies, working with chocolate.

Chef Marco Ropke takes us into his kitchen, and shows us the fundamentals of making these classic desserts and pastries. This is very reminiscent to watching a cooking show on television, except this is a course covering a very specific set of topics, and you can watch it on demand.

Also since Chef Ropke is genuinely trying to teach you how to make each dish, he gets very specific about the qualities of baking, and how to ensure the food is prepared exactly as required. The emphasis here is on the how to make (and why things work the way they do), and less on beautiful photos of food that most food shows end up becoming.

The course also has downloadable resources and quizzes, to ensure you get the most out of the learning.

The video quality is pretty good considering it was shot in a professional kitchen and not a TV studio. It has the standard shots of the chef, and the overhead view of the food being prepared.

If you’ve ever thought about becoming a pastry chef, you may want to consider this reasonable 10 hour course, that as the title promises, can be completed in a week.


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