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Review of Lynda.com – Thousands of Video Courses


For people interested in practical topics that can immediately help your career, especially in the technical and creative fields, there is Lynda.com.

Lynda.com was founded in 1995, and now has more than 2,000 video courses available for users. It operates on a subscription model, so users pay by the month for access to their catalog of courses. They are best known for training on all of the Adobe suite of products, with over 850 courses on Adobe topics. 250 of those are on Photoshop, so if you have a creative bent and are perhaps a few versions behind on your skillset in PhotoShop, you can watch a short 2 hour course on some Photoshop CS6 fundamentals or an overview of just the new features in the latest release. Or if you really want to get deeper into it, you can watch a 10 hour course on the Essential skills of Photoshop.

Lynda.com also has apps, so you can watch this training on your phone or tablet, which is a huge advantage. Mobile training is a growing segment of the market, and so being able to lie on the sofa and watch these videos is a huge benefit to many. Or watch it on the train on the way to and from work.

They also have photography classes, iOS development classes if you wish to get into app development, the basics of computer programming, languages such as PHP, or using the Google Maps API. As you can see, these are very specific projects and skill training, which is a bit different than the more academic level courses at Coursera or Udacity.

Overall, if you are looking to sharpen your skillset in the design or technical fields, I definitely think you should look into Lynda.com. Sure, you have to pay to get full access to most courses, but they are definitely providing good helpful training that will help you with your career and improve your skills.


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