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Search Engine Optimization Course on ClickMinded

Learning marketing is clearly one of the best uses of time for those interested in online business, and SEO is one factor of an online marketing strategy. Tommy Griffith, an SEO with a couple of big-time clients under his belt (AirBNB and Paypal), has put together a comprehensive SEO course on his site, ClickMinded called (oddly enough) Search Engine Optimization. In it, he goes through each and every concept in nice detail.

The course is a video recording of a live presentation he gave to a group of students, but the quality of instruction is still high. The website provides the slides (using a SlideShare widget) alongside the video, so you can read in more detail the slides while listening to Tommy talk. It all seems to work in terms of being able to clearly absorb the content.

The topics covered in this course include all the standard in SEO-land:

  • on-page and off-page optimization
  • keywords
  • searcher intent
  • title tags, header tags, image alts, and body copy
  • the basics of pagerank
  • link building
  • domain age
  • site speed
  • 301 redirects
  • Panda and Penguin
  • schema markup
  • authorship markup

It’s all basically there. The videos also end with two bonus sections: doing a site audit of a startup company, and how to start a new site from scratch, which is basically a walk-through of choosing the domain and setting up WordPress.

It’s hard to find fault with any of it. Tommy is clearly an authority on the topic, and speaks from experience. If you know a little about SEO, this could be a great way to dive into it and gradually go from the basics to more advanced topics. If I was speaking with someone just getting started in SEO, I would point them to this course because it just so comprehensive.

Tommy’s site is called ClickMinded, at www.clickminded.com.  The course sells for $287 there. It’s also available on Udemy for the same price.  The affiliate link for that is below.


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