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SEO Training Course, by Moz

As a website owner, I have an interest in some website topics including SEO. So it’s with interest that I recently viewed a series of videos on Udemy called SEO Training Course by Moz (currently free, for about 40 minutes of training).

If you know anything about SEO, then you’ve heard of Moz.com (formerly named SEOMoz). Moz is one of the leading sites for learning about SEO, and they provide some cool tools for improving your website rankings.

This course is just a compiled series of their “Whiteboard Friday” feature. It can be watched in about an hour, and provides genuinely useful content for improving your rankings within Google. The good thing too is that the course is available for FREE on Udemy.

Even though the content has been available from the Moz site, I don’t mind that they packaged it together and put it on Udemy as a course. Since it’s FREE, they really aren’t ripping people off, and the content is still relevant today as it was when it was first recorded.

If you’ve got an interest in SEO, definitely check out these series of videos. You’ll learn something about link building, a Twitter strategy, or improving the rankings of existing content in the SERPs. Rand Fishkin is always an interesting guy to follow and he knows his stuff, but this beginning level SEO content is worth the time to watch.

Note: Commissions made from Udemy affiliate links go towards the operation of the site, and help me bring you fresh content every day.

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