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Studying While On The Road

You may or may have not noticed how quiet it has been on this blog over the last week. Well, what’s going on is that I’m on vacation.

In the Northern Hemisphere, it’s winter time. And of course most of the United States and Canada are in the grips of a nasty winter storm. While in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s summer. South America has experienced unusually hot weather, reaching to 40 degrees and above.

And here I am, a Northern Hemisphere resident (Canada) deciding to take a few weeks off and visit the Southern Hemisphere (Brazil). So the pace of blog post has slowed a bit. Don’t worry, I have a lot of posts waiting to go out, but I had hoped to write some from down here and that is proving difficult. I’m finding that it takes some time, a week in my case, after a few days of travel, to settle down and get comfortable in my new location, and open the laptop to work.

Working on vacation is tough. So what about studying? If you’re taking a few courses online, and have a vacation in the midst of it, what can you do? Who wants to be listening to finance professors taken about expense ratios on the beach in Rio de Janeiro?

It’s difficult for sure.

But some people take stacks of books with them to read while travelling. If you’re on a cruise, what are you going to do while sitting by the pool? Or maybe you can load the course videos onto your iPod or portable video player and watch the weeks’ lessons from the comfort of a beach chair.

I tried to do as much as I could in advance. I watched the videos as soon as they came out before I left, and made sure the quizzes were complete )at least for a week). But on a multi-week vacation, that only helps you so much. And the timing might not be right for you.

Or maybe you just skip a week. Take the week off from the courses, miss the test deadline if you have to. It’s not the end of the world. You can always watch the missed videos when you get back, and missing one test often doesn’t make you fail the course.

Also, some courses have very flexible schedules, particularly Udacity. Those can be paused until you find the time. Perhaps those are the better courses to take when you know you have a vacation coming up.


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