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The Bitcoin Basics, with Matt Schlicht

I’ve been watching a really interesting course on Udemy about a topic that has captured my attention for the past couple of years: Bitcoin. It’s called Bitcoin Basics, but even if you own Bitcoins, or think you know what Bitcoin is, this course goes deep into how it works and what makes it secure. I am surprised how much I learned from it.

The course is free, which is great. And it’s professionally produced. It contains interviews with experts in all aspects of the Bitcoin universe – from Venture Capitalists, and Bitcoin Incubators, to Bitcoin miners and exchanges.  The course is delivered under the label of “Draper University“, which I assume means famous Bitcoin investor Tim Draper is behind it.

Some say Bitcoin is on the decline, and that might appear true based solely on the price over the past 12 months. But if you watch the course, you might start to see the possibilities of Bitcoin beyond just the day-to-day price. The advantages it has over the traditional banking system (particularly for international remittances) are clearer.

From my personal experience, Bitcoin is not a great for paying for groceries and gas. It takes some time to fire up the client, sync to the network, send the transaction, and wait for confirmations. But as a way to send larger amounts of money across the world with almost no fees, if it catches on it will be a revolutionary step and put Western Union out of business.

Of course, who knows what the future holds. But if Bitcoin interests you, check out this free course on Udemy.


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