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The Fundamentals of Submarine Engineering, with Arjit Raj

Have you ever wondered how a submarine works? I mean, really, when its at the bottom of the ocean, what does it do to get back to the surface? How is it propelled? How does it steer? Why doesn’t it tip over under the water?

In this course, Arjit Raj goes over these questions in technical detail.

Arjit is a physics expert, and has several fascinating courses on automobile and plane engineering. His latest course is about submarines, and is fascinating. I didn’t know that submarines and airplanes share some of their design in common (airfoils!). But if you think about it, an object travelling through water has the same forces acting on it (in different amounts) than an object travelling through the air.  There’s pressure below and above, and it’s about equalizing that pressure. The submarine has the added benefit of being able to float at whatever level below the surface it wants (which is more like a zeppelin than an airplane I guess).

If you have an interest in submarines, and want to get deep into the physics and math of how they work, this course is for you.


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