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The Importance of Intrigue

This post is for people who have or are considering creating courses on a marketplace like Udemy.

You’ve probably heard me talk about the importance of a good title. A good title on Udemy is generally straight to the point on the topic of the course.

– Digital Marketing 101
– Youtube Marketing for Beginners
– Facebook Advertising Masterclass

Those are all fine titles, that answer the “what is this course about” question loud and clear.

– The Best Way to Sell Your Products
– Five Hidden Secrets of Marketing
– Graphic Design

Those titles are not so great. There is no clear “what is this course about” answer. Not to mention that it will be tough to rank highly in search.

In general, you do not want your audience to be wondering what the topic of the course is. This is where mystery and intrigue is bad. People are lazy, and most won’t take the time to read your full course description or watch the promo video. The image, title and subtitle are all you get to make the potential student think “maybe yes!” otherwise it’s a no.

But I’ve seen where a bit of mystery and intrigue is good. What you will want to do is add a unique element to a straight to the point title.

– Digital Marketing 101: The Easiest System Around
– Youtube Marketing for Beginners: Have Fun Making Videos
– The Done-For-You, Step-By-Step Facebook Ads System

So I’ve added just a little unique element to the title.

Now the student will say, “This is the easiest system? What does she mean by that?” And then they click to read the description or watch the promo video. So you catch their attention by being clear on the topic, but catch their interest by saying something that makes them want to learn more.

Ultimately you have to find the title that works for you. The title must do a lot of things. But don’t be afraid of being a little unique with it as long as you answer the question “what is this course about”.


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