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Udacity Launches Paid Course Enrollment

I received an email from Sebastian Thrun, CEO of Udacity today announcing that Udacity is launching new options for those seriously interested in taking university and college level classes online. This will be another point of differentiation between them and the other leader in this space – Coursera.

The new program has three distinct benefits:

  1. Ongoing feedback on your projects
  2. Personalized coaching
  3. Certificate

Of course, since this is moving towards having teaching assistants work with you to discuss your homework in process and help you with things you are stuck with, the costs for delivering this service goes up and they have to start charging for it. It looks like most courses run at about $150 per month.

This is a bit different from the Coursera Signature Track, as the signature track just ensures you are the one who took the exam and provides a certificate at the end of the process. The Udacity option appears to provide actual one-on-one mentioning with a coach.

People who have considering taking actual University classes in their spare time might be interested in this option. It appears to require a higher level of commitment and should carry with it a higher level of recognition.


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