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Using MOOC’s to Attain a Master’s Degree

I am not sure how this slipped my attention, but sometime earlier this year Udacity announced a partnership with Georgia Tech to offer the world’s first online Master’s Degree program using a MOOC platform – Masters in Computer Science.

My mind is now racing. I would love to get a Masters in Computer Science since I already have a Bachelor’s Degree in the same topic. The course tuition appears to be $7,000, which is a steep discount to the normal $45,000 cost for the same degree at their campus.

I have not done the comparison with other online degree programs, such as University of Phoenix – their site suggests it will cost $32,000 for a Master’s degree online from them.

According to GT, over 2,000 students applied for the initial offering of the program, and less than 400 were offered spots. That means, unlike traditional MOOCs, you have to qualify before being accepted. We need some more competition in this area it seems.

Good to see this. If this interests you, go check out the GT website for more information.

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  1. I’m a little sad to see this, to say the truth.
    Udacity now doesn’t offer free certificates anymore, but just this pay-for courses and master programs. They can be cheap for american standards, but for european standards they are ridiculously expensive, so they are of no interest to “normal” people here.
    I cannot imagine the difficulty for people who live in less privileged parts of the world…
    So it seems to me that Udacity is cutting off most of the internationality of moocs to concentrate in making money in the american market. 🙁

    • They say, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”. And I guess for a company like Udacity, they have to start looking at more ways to make money.

      I don’t know about the “does not offer free certificates” part. I think they are just “hiding” the free button better. If you look at the Udacity course enrollment page, such as this one, you’ll see an “Enroll Now” button in orange, that you pay for. And a “Start free courseware” button that is free. Are there courses that don’t have this? I think most courses have free options.

      Thanks for your reply to this post, and your comments have got me thinking about how MOOCs are changing. I’ll keep an eye out for more changes like this.

  2. Im agree with chiara actually. but MOOC should offer education cheaper than traditional. 7000sound cheap for american, but not for european. where we can find tuition free, only need to cover living cost. udacity should find a better way to finance themself…

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